Arizona Coyotes – 2016-2017 Season

arizona-coyotes-sports-blogThe Arizona Coyotes will be celebrating their 38th season as a team in the upcoming season which is an impressive statistics when you look at the history of hockey teams. Hockey is a unique sport that attracts a smaller crowd than other major sports such as the NFL and MLB, but it’s fans are a lot more die hard than most other sports. Hockey has had some of the most interestingĀ rituals in sports history including but not limited to throwing real octopus onto the ice after a Red Wings game. While the Coyotes don’t have any wild rituals such as this one, they still have a fairly loyal fan base. One of the problems with the Coyotes is that their stadium is too far out of the way for fans to travel to. This problem might be solved in the near future as talks of opening a new stadium in Tempe, Arizona have been covering news headlines for the past couple of weeks. The stadium is going to cost about four hundre million dollars so you can tell the owners are willing to spend a good amount of money to increase their fan base and all around presence in Arizona.

The Coyotes haven’t been making headlines in the past couple of years so it’s probably a nice change of pace for them to be in the lime light. Their fans on the East side are all screaming out praises while their fans on the West side that are already conveniently located close to their arena, are screaming out obscenities. The Coyotes had just a little over 13,000 attendees at their games last season which isn’t much lower than their all time high. Back when the team first originated in 1996, they pulled in over 15,000 fans to their games. The Coyotes owners are looking to highly increase that number with a new stadium and a new team for the 2016 & 2017 season.

Last season the Coyotes were lacking a player that’s good under pressure and could score goals when they needed it most. Their goalie actually had a pretty outstanding year and was able to keep the amount of goals scored against them to an almost record low. We think that if the Coyotes want to move forward and improve upon their last season, the stadium is certainly a good start. It’s been proven that teams perform better when they have a sell out crowd that’s cheering them on as opposed to not having the stadium seats filled. If they can pick up a franchise player this offseason, I think they’ll have a good chance at making the playoffs this year.


Arizona Diamondbacks 2016 Season Review

A U.s. Air Force honor guard from Luke Air Force Base (AFB), Ariz., presents the colors at the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team season opener April 6, 2010, at Chase Field in Phoenix. The 61st Fighter Squadron out of Luke AFB performed a flyover at the beginning of the game. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Raheem Moore/Released)

The Diamondbacks have been playing in the state of Arizona for 19 consecutive seasons. One thing that’s impressive about the Diamondbacks is that they’ve been playing at their stadium, Chase Field, for the entire duration the team has been here. In an age where it seems like a few new ball parks are being built every season, Phoenix based sports team has done an incredible job keeping their stadium up to date. While the sports facility the team plays in is modern, and beautiful, these words are far from what I would use to describe the Diamondbacks season in 2016. The only other team that plays as dismally as the D’Backs were the San Diego Padres. They were both at the bottom of the totem pole in the NL West division standings but I think they learned some valuable lessons this year that can help them in their 2017 season.

The Diamondbacks went through some big changes after the 2015 season when they fired their general manager, Dave Stewart, and their teams manager, Chip Hale. No one was sure how the new GM and skipper would do but everyone soon realized that it wasn’t going to be an easy transition. After the Diamondbacks went 79-83 in 2015, everyone thought we had a solid foundation to build upon. We were only 13 games away from being tied with the Dodgers for first place and only 5 games behind the Giants for 2nd place. This season was a complete step backwards and instead of battling for one of the top positions, we were down with the bottom feeders fighting not to come in last place. Lets take a look at some of the poor performances that led to this below average season for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

When it comes to problems with the Diamondbacks this season, it’s hard to pinpoint a place to start. First of all, their pitching performances were a major problem for the team last year. Their starters were pulled before the 4th inning more than any other team in the MLB. Second of all, their hitters couldn’t come up with any clutch hits when they had runners in scoring position. Throughout the year the Diamondbacks only scored a total of 752 runs while their pitching staff gave up 890 runs. These statistics can sometimes be misleading when you’re losing to teams by a small margin on a consistent basis. They weren’t in many of these close games this season so I feel like this statistic is relevant and can shed some light on their problems.

The Diamondbacks have a lot of work to do over the off season. They need to make some trades and shell out some serious money for a power hitter and an ace pitcher. If they can get their other starters to go farther into games and not have to rely so heavily on their relief pitchers, the Diamondbacks can certainly turn it around in the 2017 season.…